Want to Avoid ‘Breaking Bad’ Spoilers? Netflix Has Your Back

We can all agree that spoilers are pretty much the worst. But who wants to spend a day or more in a self-imposed technology exile, cut off from TV and the Interweb in a desperate attempt to avoid accidentally stumbling upon a crucial plot tidbit for a show you haven’t had the chance to catch yet?

Nobody, that’s who.

If you want to avoid Twitter spoilers during this week’s seemingly endless lead-up to Breaking Bad’s final episode (!!) and afterward, Netflix’s newly-launched Spoiler Foiler has got your back. Though Spoiler Foiler was specifically created to help Netflix customers in its recently-opened U.K. and Ireland markets avoid BB spoilers (U.K. customers get episodes within hours of them airing in the U.S.), anyone can use it. Just log in with Twitter, and the site will present you with a modified version of your timeline.

It’s a pretty simple setup: tweets that contain flagged words and hashtags – things like Breaking Bad, BB, and character names – are redacted and slapped with a spoiler warning. You can look at them if you want to, but that would kind of defeat the purpose.

Though plenty of Tweet-filtering services exist, this is a fun little way for Netflix to grab some publicity and support a successful show whose creator recently admitted wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the streaming service.

(via the Verge)