Visit Google’s Lamborghini Museum In Streetview

Google streetview is pretty awesome. Over the past couple years they’ve been documenting popular tourist sites so you don’t really need to buy that ticket to South America to visit Mayan ruins, or go to England to visit Stonehenge. It’s all just rocks, right?

Now they’ve given the same treatment to the Lamborghini museum at their headquarters in Bolognese and if you’re thinking of a witty quip like, “oh, it’s all just cars, right?” don’t, because these are not ‘just cars’. These are holy instruments of travel. According to an article in CNET,

The Street View page allows users to access a 360-degree tour of 1500 square metres of museum across two floors, including famous cars such as Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murciélago, as well as prototypes, limited editions, one-off models, racing cars, V12 powertrains and marine engines.

You’ll also be able to hop in the seats of such rarities as the Reventòn, which was limited to just 20 models, and two museum-exclusive cars, the Estoque and Sesto Elemento.

Check it out here.

(via CNET)