This Star Citizen Ad Was Rendered In-Engine At 4K

If you’ve got a 4K monitor please set the quality to original. Because holy mother does this look good.

For those wondering what the hell they just saw, Star Citizen is an upcoming PC game that broke all crowdfunding records last year, raising over $6M on kickstarter—$2M of that in its last two days, which exceeded nearly every other kickstarter project alone—and became the highest-raising crowdfunded project ever.

Rendered using CryEngine 4, this will be one of the first games to take full advantage of the technology available to gamers with both a single-player campaign and an MMO with persistent universe. Both AMD and Nvidia have used Star Citizen at 4K to demo the capabilities of next-gen GPUs. This is the biggest news in gaming so far this decade.

Unfortunately we still have another year until its expected release—which is just the amount of time I’ll need to build myself an appropriate rig.

(via Reddit)