This Guy Got His Hands On Five 80″ TVs And Five PS3s. What He Did With Them Was Pretty Cool.

This guy (and his friends) got his hands on five of these beauties.


They were new TVs to be used as monitors in a university. They needed to be tested.


He got five other people to bring in PS3s from home. Each one was connected to a monitor.


Every PS3 had to be connected to an ethernet switch to communicate. Each PS3 also had to have multiple client display running in client mode.


After setting up the televisions they tried to see how long they could sit in front of static.


 The fifth and final screen was having major connection issues. This was solved after 16 updates—penance for not using just one PC.


Final step: load each PS3 with a copy of Gran Turismo 5, set up server mode and network options, and enjoy.


 Of course all of this could have been done with a single Occulus Rift and PC, but this is still pretty sweet


(via Reddit)