These Emotional Gaming Moments Will Make You Reconsider Video Games As Art

There’s so much arguing about whether video games are art that the whole thing can get tiring, but the real test lies in the games themselves. Here are six moments that confirmed for me that these things should be taken more seriously:

Warning: spoilers below.

1. Shadow of the Colossus

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I realized after slaying the first two colossus that I was the villain and after that everything took on this sad yet poignant atmosphere. And when Agro fell off the bridge…damn, man. Damn.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Of course walking through the airport as an undercover operative and gunning down innocents was horrifying, but then fighting Russians in a suburb that felt uncannily like the one I grew up in was downright surreal.

3. Bioshock

The whole intro to this game was incredible, but the descent into Rapture filled me with well-earned awe. And then that frigging whale swims by – Jesus.

4. Portal 2

Ah, what a way to go out. After how many hours spent in that cursed lab, coming out into this scene was like *puts on sunglasses* a breath of fresh air.

5. Mass Effect 3

This entire game was an exercise in sacrifice, and few were equal to Mordin’s.

5. Half Life 2: Episode 2

Eli! No, Eliiiiii! Probably the most horrifying death I’ve ever been witness to, the most wrenching moment I have ever experienced in a video game.

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