That ‘Leaked’ GTA V For PC Was Actually A Scam, And Now Thousands Have 18 GB Of Malware On Their Computers

So a “leaked” version of GTA V for PC started showing up on torrent sites yesterday, and seemed to be pretty legitimate. It was the right size, had a working setup.exe—until users hit a snag on the registration page. From WCCF Tech:

From there on, a .txt file located claims to have a key on a page where the user is forced to do surveys.


I’m usually a lot more sympathetic, and I understand how frustrating it is to be considered an afterthought, having an Android phone and all. I think it’s a travesty that PC gamers are so often treated as less important than their console counterparts, though maybe this helps explain why developers are a little more hesitant to release to PC first.

This is likely the work of whatever scum is normally behind malware, though I wish Rockstar had masterminded this brilliant little gem as a way of saying, “see? This is why you can’t have good things.”

(WCCFTech via Reddit)