That Blue Gmail Gear Icon Is Weird. Here’s How to Switch Back to the Envelope

blue-gmail-favicon_FullyC_001At the risk of sounding like Jerry Seinfeld, what’s the deal with that blue Gmail favicon that’s been replacing the red and white envelope we all know and love? (If you haven’t been affected by the weird blue icon, consider yourself lucky.)

What’s it supposed to be? Is it a wrench on top of a flower? A blue-haired, balding Simpsons clown?

Why would Gmail do this to us? This is the Internet. We hate change here on the Internet. Well, until we get used to it and then wail when the previously-hated feature gets replaced with a new, even changier feature, that is.

But hey, why bother learning to step outside your comfort zone when you can just revert to the old, comfortable way things were?

Lifehacker’s got the goods on how to switch back to the familiar envelope:

Here’s the three-step breakdown:

  •     Click the Gmail cog drop down and go to Settings
  •     Go to Labs and search for Unread
  •     Enable Unread Message Icon

Ahhh… much better.

(via Lifehacker)