Something’s Wrong With These Movie Posters…

This is how film studio The Asylum works: take an upcoming major release like Transformers and quickly throw together a film with a similar angle for a fraction of the budget and release it under a name that could potentially confuse the elderly into buying it for their grandbabies. Hence the 2009 hit Transmorphers: Fall of Man. Or 2011’s Almighty Thor. Or Paranormal Entity. Or Snakes On A Train.

Sometimes it’s a little more complicated than that. For instance their High School Musical ripoff was influenced by a Christian marketing seminar one of The Asylum staff attended—so Sunday School Musical was born.

What’s even better is that The Asylum has never lost money on a film. With a production budget well under a million dollars, the movies typically break even after three months.

Here are some promotional posters from their roster:

asylum_fullyc_007 asylum_fullyc_008 asylum_fullyc_009 asylum_fullyc_010 asylum_fullyc_001 asylum_fullyc_002 asylum_fullyc_003 asylum_fullyc_004 asylum_fullyc_005 asylum_fullyc_006