Solutions to the Tablet Keyboard Conundrum: Part Two

In part one, we explored some simple, cheap ways to improve the experience of typing on your tablet. The options we gave would likely be more than enough for someone who only uses their tablet for typing some of the time, or only for writing short messages. However, if you’re planning to use your tablet for writing blog posts or extremely lengthy love letters and the solutions from Part One aren’t cutting it, try these:

Bluetooth Keyboard

If you hate typing on a touchscreen, the simplest option is to just get an external keyboard. Unfortunately, this option adds bulk and becomes another thing you have to carry around, but if you’re planning on doing a lot of typing, the tradeoff just might be worth it.

There are lots of choices in the realm of Bluetooth keyboards — from standalone external keyboards that connect to your tablet via Bluetooth, to entire tablet cases with built-in keyboards to turn your tablet into basically a touchscreen Netbook, to tablet keyboards that come with a dock or stand to put your tablet on while you use them. Here’s a list of some good ones you can use.


Dryft is an Android app created by the makers of Swype that aims to eliminate the problems associated with cramped tablet keyboard layouts — namely, the problem of typing that comes out looking like it was done by a hyperactive child with hams for hands.

Dryft brings the keyboard to you, building itself out from wherever you place your fingers on your tablet’s screen. The app also adjusts the precise locations of and distance between keys to wherever your fingers naturally fall while typing, so you’re not constantly trying to adjust to making shorter finger movements on a smaller keyboard.

It also differentiates between various levels of touch to figure out when you’re actually typing and when you’re just touching the screen. This allows you to rest your fingers on the screen (on “home row”), as you would on a physical keyboard.

Unfortunately, Dryft isn’t available as of this writing — but hopefully it will be soon, because it sounds super promising.