Remember That Time the Cast of ‘Friends’ Made a Windows 95 Instructional Video?

The year was 1995. Microsoft was gearing up to release an exciting new operating system called “Windows 95.” But there was one problem: how would Microsoft teach the regular Joes of 1995 how to use this complex new personal computing system?

Why, with a hilarious and informative instructional video starring the cast of the hit TV sitcom Friends, of course! Except I guess they couldn’t get Ross, Joey or Monica, so we’re left with Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston in “the world’s first cyber sitcom.”

Seriously, this video is an awesome blast from the past. If you’ve got half an hour, sit down and watch the whole weird and wonderful thing. Here are a few highlights:

“Task bar? Is that anything like a Snickers bar?”

“Whoa, this is so trippy!”
“Yes, I think that’s the word Bill would use to describe the result of several hundred thousand man hours of R&D.”

This is supposedly Bill Gates’ My Documents folder:


“You ever try any right clicking?”
“Well, there was some peer pressure back when I was a freshman.”

“Communicating online is the hot thing right now, and the Microsoft network is your onramp to the information superhighway.”

“Oh boy, an entire gallery of cat owners’ photos!”



(via Buzzfeed)