Pet Tech: 9 Nifty Apps and Gadgets Your Pet Will Love

We bipeds have got it pretty good, what with all the amazing apps, gadgets and programs that are constantly making our lives fuller, richer, and easier. We’ve got FitBits and Jawbone Ups that monitor our activity and help us manage our health, tracking devices that keep us from losing our stuff, and a wealth of smartphone and tablet apps providing us with constant entertainment.

If you were dog or a cat, you might be inclined to say, Geez, humans, stop hogging all the cool technology already.

Luckily, pet technology is slowly but surely catching up with the tech we’ve previously kept to ourselves. Of course, seeing as we humans designed it, most of it serves the dual purpose of making our lives easier along with our pets’. We’re so selfish.

Still, though, check out these 9 gadgets and apps that can make your dog or cat’s life way more awesome:

PetRun dog treadmill

If the weather’s bad and/or you’re feeling lazy, at least your pup can still get his exercise with this pet treadmill.


(via Trendhunter)

SinglePet’s pet feeding robot

Not home during the day? No problem. The SinglePet lets you control a robot using a smartphone app and feed your pet with it. It also allows you to interact with your pet using a live video feed. Not only is it perfect for the solitary weekday dog, it’s also poised to repair dog/robot relations, which have been badly damaged with the advent of the Roomba.


(via VentureBeat)

Litter robot

Scooping kitty litter is the worst. With a litter robot, you get a reprieve from the cat pee fumes and kitty gets a clean litterbox all the time. Everybody wins!


(via NBC News)


The FitBark is a lot like a FitBit for dogs. It attaches to your dog’s collar and tracks her activity, providing data and activity scores so you can measure her progress and ensure she’s getting the recommended amount of exercise. It’s also shaped like a bone, making it a great fashion accessory for the discerning dog.


(via CNBC)

iPad apps for cats

Friskies has created several iOS and Android games just for your cat. If your indoor cat will never get the chance to do badass stuff like hunt and kill birds, fish and bugs in the real world, at least he can pretend to do it using a screen. Just like most of us humans!

(via FastCompany)

GoDogGo automatic ball launcher

The GoDogGo is an automatic fetch machine benefits both the lazy (or busy, or disabled) owner and the dog who just wants to chase stuff, no matter who throws it.

(via FastCompany)

Eyenimal Petcam

Eyenimal’s Petcam is a rugged yet light little camera and microphone that can be attached to your pet’s collar to record their lives. You get a glimpse into your dog’s world, and your dog gets to star in his own reality TV show.



Here’s another device for pets who are home alone while you’re at work all day. PetCube uses a low-intensity laser pointer (deemed safe by veterinarians) that can be controlled remotely, along with a live video feed, so you can play with your pet and watch her chase a laser pointer while you’re at work.

(via NBC News)


Snapcat is Snapchat for cats. (Say that three times fast.) It uses a moving dot on the screen of your tablet to control your camera. When kitty paws at the dot, the camera will go off and your cat has just taken a selfie that can be shared with the world. Enjoy your Internet fame, photogenic kitty. Now we’ve just got to teach you how to do the duck face.


(via Independent)