PCs Are Out, Tablets Are In

Shipments of traditional laptops and desktops are on the decline, while tablets are growing in a big way, according to a report by Gartner.

From TechCrunch:

Analyst Gartner expects worldwide tablet shipments to grow 53.4% this year, with shipments reaching 184 million units. And while traditional PCs are still shipping a lot more units (303,100 forecast for this year), those shipments are continuing to decline — predicted to be down 11.2% on 2012 shipments.

Another interesting tidbit:

Turning to tablets proper, smaller and cheaper is the order of the day — with consumers’ preference for the 7-inch form factor causing continued price decline in premium tablets.  The raft of cheaper priced tablet hardware — from the likes of Amazon with its Kindle Fire line and Google with its Nexus-branded slates — is clearly helping to underpin overall tablet growth, taking share away from Apple’s more expensive iPad line.

I don’t know about you, but these stats didn’t surprise me at all. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 earlier this year, and now the only things I still use my laptop for are storing my files, writing, typing long emails, and playing Minecraft. I’m not a power user by any means, though – outside of work, the majority of my personal computing needs can be met by a tablet that’s got Reddit Sync, Mint, and MoonReader installed on it. For me, the simplicity and portability of the tablet wins out over the power of the PC, but I’m sure your mileage varies.

Have you found that your computer use has declined since tablets have become widely available and affordable? Would you be more likely to buy a new tablet or a new computer?

(via TechCrunch)