Microsoft’s Cortana Will Learn and Adapt, Just Like Its Namesake

It looks like Microsoft is planning on getting into the virtual personal assistant game. According to various reports, the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update may include a Siri/Google Now rival currently codenamed Cortana. (Yeah, like from Halo.)

Apparently, just like the video game character, Microsoft’s Cortana will learn and adapt to your commands and preferences, rather than just respond to your queries. There’s also evidence that Cortana will be powered by Bing’s Satori knowledge base and integrated throughout Windows phones, operating systems and even the Xbox One, as implied in this piece of a July memo from Steve Ballmer, gathered by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley:

Our UI will be deeply personalized, based on the advanced, almost magical, intelligence in our cloud that learns more and more over time about people and the world. Our shell will natively support all of our essential services, and will be great at responding seamlessly to what people ask for, and even anticipating what they need before they ask for it.

One thing’s for sure: people sure do like the name.

Twitter_microsoft-cortana-tweets_FullyC_001(via the Verge)