Microsoft Promotes the Surface 2 By Building a Giant One in Trafalgar Square

How do you promote a new tablet?

Do you hold an exciting event that showcases all the tablet’s best features?

Do you get out on a lawn with a megaphone, perhaps accompanied by a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man or two, and hawk that thing at a discount to passersby?

Or, do you just build a giant version of it, use it to Skype a rapper, and call it a day? Sure. Why not.

That’s what Microsoft did recently when the company built a gigantic working replica of the Microsoft Surface 2 in the middle of Trafalgar Square in London, England. The Surface was just released in the U.K. earlier this week, so the company was hoping to drum up some publicity for it at this event.

From the Verge:

Microsoft built the structure in around 12 hours, and it’s 27 feet wide and 17 feet high, making it a roughly 383-inch display. A purple Type Cover 2 has been recreated, with keys that feed back to a Surface 2 nearby. Microsoft is letting nearby school kids play on the keyboard with a spelling game. It’s all connected via USB and Micro HDMI and you can jump on the keys to control the input.

Anybody else getting flashbacks from Big?

In case that’s not mind blowing enough for you (it’s a Microsoft Surface 2! Except it’s bigger!), the company also Skyped with English rapper Dizzee Rascal during the event. Woo!


(via the Verge)