McDonald’s Reveals What’s Really In Its Chicken Nuggets

McDonald’s gets a bad rap for allegedly using low quality ingredients to make its low-cost fast food items. One of the worst supposed offenders is the fast food chain’s chicken Mcnuggets — which, according to the rumor mill, contain mechanically separated chicken, also known as “pink slime” or “pink goop”: a disgusting looking substance that looks like rose-colored soft serve ice cream. (Apologies if I just ruined soft serve ice cream for you forever.) The so-called pink goop supposedly looks like this:


This picture, which has been circulating the Internet for some time and seems to be of unknown origin, raises far more questions than it answers. Why is it just sitting in cardboard boxes with no liners? What is that scoop for?

McDonald’s Canada recently decided to set the record straight about the contents of their Mcnuggets by showing some behind the scenes footage of how they’re made. The video, which you can check out above, takes us into the Cargill meat processing plant in Ontario, Canada, which supplies the meat that makes up Mcnuggets. (Spoiler alert: The meat doesn’t look like the terrifying mechanically separated jelly you see above.)

You can rest easy knowing there’s no pink goop in McD’s chicken nuggets — just brown goop made of blended up white meat, along with some “seasonings.” Though my guess is if you’re the type of person who’s eating a lot of McDonald’s Mcnuggets, you probably aren’t terribly concerned about what they look like before they’re served to you in that little paper box.

Mystery solved, I guess.

(via Buzzfeed)