How to Build the Original Robocop Suit and Completely Annihilate the Reboot in 5 Easy Steps

So the new Robocop looks terrible, and it’s obvious our only course of action is to build the original and raid the studios with our guns twirling, putting massive bloody R-rated holes in the suits and then reading them their rights.

In the 26 years since the original movie came out, we’ve actually developed the technology to do this:

1. The HAL 5

(via world economic forum)

Man I love it when technology references movies. This exoskeleton was developed by Japanese company Cyberdyne, and allows the user to lift up to five times what they could normally — which is probably enough to throw an exec out a window or bust your arms through drywall to put them in a headlock.

2. The Trojan Ballistics Suit of Armor

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Built by the same guy who scrapped together a suit that could take on a grizzly attack — himself inspired by the original Robocop — this armor repels bullets, knives and possibly even IEDs, all while providing 97% coverage and 95% flexibility. Dual pistols are attached by magnetic holsters while a sheath on the wrist contains a knife for close-quarter combat. This thing is the real deal, yo.

3. The Silicon Micro Display ST1080

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I think the developers wanted this to be like a wearable TV, but we’re going to hack it to be an augmented-reality HUD that’s going to help us shoot like the real Robocop:

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4. Brain Implant


You don’t really have to get gangsters to mutilate your body to do all this, by the way. Theodore Berger, a biomedical engineer and neuroscientist at the University of California is developing a chip that would enhance the hippocampus’ ability to store short-term memory. Designed for victims of stroke and Alzheimer’s, this implant might also help your memory serve as evidence in a court of law.

5. Your move, creep

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