How Long Will Your SSD Last? According To This Test, Probably Forever

Or at least until your bloodline fizzles out. For the past while TechReport’s been running an endurance test on six SSDs from Corsair, Kingston Intel and Samsung and have recently reached the 200TB mark—that’s 100GB per day for five years. So far they’ve had a few bad blocks but no serious failure or degradation in performance. From the article:

Intel’s 335 Series 240GB is rated for 20GB of writes per day for three years, which works out to just under 22TB of total writes. If we assume modest write amplification and a 3,000-cycle write/erase tolerance for the NAND, this class of drive should handle hundreds of terabytes of flash writes.

They’re going to continue until every single one of them dies, which I’m really hoping happens before any of us.

Read the full report here.