Here Are Two 12GB GPUs That Are Going To Blow Your Hair Back


Nvidia and AMD have come to the field with 12GB GPUs and these things are powerful. Nvidia’s Tesla k40 is a GPU accelerator packing the Kepler architecture and offering 4.29 teraflops of single-precision peak floating point performance, according to MaximumPC.

It also features 10 times higher performance than today’s fastest CPU.

The Tesla K40 comes with 12GB of GDDR5 memory with bandwidth rated at 288GB/s and 2,880 CUDA parallel processing cores.


AMD recently announced the 12GB edition of the FirePro s10000, featuring full PCI Express 3.0 support as well as EEC memory plus DirectGMA support, according to Tom’s Hardware. More will be revealed in spring 2014, though the 6GB edition runs $3,000 and is already in use in supercomputers at the University of Frankfurt’s Institution of Advanced Studies.

Both of these cards are meant for big-data high-performance computing, and you won’t see them outside scientific research, engineering or enterprise applications—but just imagine the gaming potential.

(via MaximumPC and Tom’s Hardware)