Hello, GoPro HERO3+: The New GoPro Video Is as Inspiring as You’d Expect

As you may have heard, GoPro just released its latest offering, the GoPro HERO3+. The HERO3+ is a smaller, lighter camera boasting better image quality than the previous models which makes it great for blah blah blah who cares let’s watch a sick GoPro commercial.

Yes, that’s right. GoPro has released a new video shot entirely with the HERO3+, and it’s just as inspiring as you’d expect. With tons of POV shots of mountain climbing (I had a minor heart attack at 1:19!), extreme biking, surfing, and being a chimpanzee, how could it not be?

Though, to be honest, I could watch GoPro’s videos all day long because they give me a brief taste of what it’s like to be a person who climbs mountains/extreme bicycles/surfs/is a chimpanzee instead of one who sits at a desk for 40 hours a week. I assume everyone else feels the same way.

(via Viral Viral Videos)