GPUs Keep Getting Faster—But Your Eyes Can’t Tell The Difference

AMD just released its R9 290 series of GPUs, and we’re expecting Nvidia’s next generation to be out soon; but will it make a difference? IT World’s Andy Patrizio doesn’t think so. He says most desktop monitors, whether at 20″ or 30″, are standardized at a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels—and at that resolution, “these new GPUs are so powerful you get no major, appreciable gain over the older generation.

Or as Chris Angelini, editorial director for Tom’s Hardware Guide, put it, ‘The current high-end of GPUs gives you as much as you’d need for an enjoyable experience. Beyond that and it’s not like you will get nothing, it’s just that you will notice less benefit.”

Unless you’re using monitors capable of resolutions up to 2560×1440 or are doing heavy graphics work, dropping $500 on the GTX 780 TI just doesn’t make sense, especially if you’re just gaming. A frame rate of 90 fps is not noticeable over 80 fps; and the verdict is still out on whether the naked eye can detect any change faster than 30 fps.

CPU manufacturers are struggling to keep up with Moore’s Law; and while AMD and Nvidia have time and again blown our hair back with every upgrade, there may be no point in it any more.

(IT World via Slashdot)