GoDaddy Pledges to Be Less Gross, But Will It Stay Relevant?

GoDaddy’s long been known not for its web hosting services, but for its insistence on using women as props in its awful, embarrassing, irrelevant, sexist ads. (Can you tell I have feelings about GoDaddy and its terrible horribleness?)

Now, under the leadership of CEO Blake Irving, GoDaddy’s hoping to turn over a new, less disgusting leaf and move away from the gratuitous boob shots and innuendo-laced advertisements that made it famous for all the wrong reasons. According to Irving, these salacious ads brought in plenty of customers, but repulsed a lot of people who might’ve otherwise used the service. The company hopes to perform a brand overhaul that positions it as fun and edgy – but more mature than its previous incarnation.

“This is definitely different for us, but you’ll see we still have a sense of humor,” said GoDaddy Chief Marketing Officer Barb Rechterman in a press release.

But will anyone still care about GoDaddy if a barely-clothed Danica Patrick isn’t there to tell them to?

After all, GoDaddy’s gross ads worked — not necessarily because every single one of its customers is dumb enough to be incapable of buying anything that isn’t wrapped in a package made of gyrating fantasy women, but because they got the name GoDaddy at the top of people’s minds, for better or for worse.

As Rebecca Grant on VentureBeat points out, the company’s gross Bar Refaeli macking on Jesse Heiman Superbowl ad landed GoDaddy its biggest sales day ever. People were disgusted – and simultaneously compelled to go out and purchase a domain name.

The company markets itself as an aide to the non-tech savvy small business owner who just wants a website that works. How many non-tech folks can name a web host that isn’t GoDaddy?

At the same time, the company’s new ads, created to herald the coming of the new and improved GoDaddy, are pretty funny – and not offensive. (Imagine that!) Plus they’ve got JCVD. JCVD.

Check out one of the new commercials below and let me know what you think. Will GoDaddy stay relevant without the gross commercials that were its mainstay?

(via VentureBeat)

(video via YouTube)