Elon Musk Thinks Tesla Will Be Making Driverless Cars Within 3 Years

Can’t wait until driverless cars are a reality? (For the average joe, not just for Google.) If Elon Musk has his way, you’ll only have to wait three years.

From Space Industry News:

“We should be able to do 90 per cent of miles driven within three years,” he said. Mr. Musk didn’t reveal further details of Tesla’s autonomy project. Though he did say that it was “internal development”. “It’s not speculation,” he said.

Why only 90 percent? In Musk’s mind, a fully driverless vehicle just isn’t safe or practical. He’d like to see a sort of hybrid driverless concept, wherein the driver would be able to turn on autopilot in the majority of driving scenarios , but would be available to take control at any time.

Would you ever be able to trust a driverless car to safely get you where you want to go?

(via Space Industry News)