Delicious Homemade Dips and Dressings

Yes, you could walk into your local grocery store and buy just about any dip, dressing, or spread under the sun — but what fun would that be? Making your own dips and dressings at home is surprisingly easy and allows you to customize the flavor of each and leave out ingredients you don’t like.

Here are five delicious homemade dip and dressing recipes that are sure to make a splash at your next cocktail party:

Sriracha Mayo


This dip is ridiculously simple to make. Sriracha + mayo + mustard = sriracha mayo dip. Heck, you can omit the mustard and this stuff is still crazy delicious. Double heck, you basically don’t even have to measure the ingredients — just mix sriracha and mayo together, adding more and more sriracha until the concoction reaches your preferred level of spiciness.

This stuff is good on burgers, hot dogs, fries, chips … basically anything you can dip or spread it on will be infinitely improved by the creamy spice of sriracha mayo.

Homemade Ranch

Storebought ranch dressing is for amateurs. Jazz up your salads and veggie trays with the addition of this simple yet powerful homemade ranch.

Buttermilk, sour cream, and mayo make this ranch mad creamy, while garlic, dijon, tarragon and a hint of Tabasco add a flavor and kick that will make you vow to never buy bland grocery store ranch again.

Sun Dried Tomato Hummus


Tomato hummus. Tomato. Hummus. I know, right? Genius.

Just five ingredients make up this flavorful hummus. You don’t even need tahini, so it’s quite possible you’ll have all the ingredients on hand already. Toss everything into a food processor and you’ll be good to go. You’ll find this hummus works well on everything from pitas to vegetables.

Tex Mex Black Bean Dip


There’s nothing like a good bean dip, and premade dips just don’t cut it. This chunky, flavorful black bean dip with cilantro, corn, and lime juice is sure to have guests clamoring to get your secret recipe. (We suggest telling them it’s a family tradition passed down for generations, and not that you found it on the Internet.)

Cheese Dip


It’s not a party without a hot cheese dip. (This isn’t technically a fact, but it ought to be.) This satisfying cheese dip only has two ingredients, so you can whip it up lightning fast before your next football party or movie night.

This might sound weird, but we strongly suggest you serve Fritos to dip in this cheese dip. Don’t question it; just try it.