Cute Kids Taste Test Gross But Expensive Delicacies, Are Not Amused

Have you found that since you’ve gotten older, you’re able to eat and enjoy more flavors than you did when you were a kid? This is a pretty common experience, and studies have shown kids have more sensitive taste buds than adults. That’s why many kids seem to prefer blander foods like chicken nuggets and macaroni, while adults can put away plates full of strong-tasting onions and mushrooms without batting an eye.

Adults have another thing kids don’t: an understanding of class and status. That, combined with the less sensitive taste buds, leads some grownups to eat foods that are — shall we say — super gross, simply because they’re fancy and expensive. (This isn’t a scientific explanation, but seriously: how else can you explain why a person would willingly consume beans that have been eaten and then passed by an animal — otherwise known as civet coffee, which retails for up to $600 a pound.)

What would happen if you sat a group of kids down and got them to taste test some pricey but nasty delicacies like caviar, edible gold, and squid ink pasta made with ink imported from Italy? Buzzfeed decided to find out — and you can see the results in the video above.

As you probably guessed, the kids’ reviews were not glowing.

“I think everything you have was yucky,” said one budding food critic.

Astute assessment, kid. We’d have to agree — and we’ll stick with our reasonably priced, non-disgusting eats, thanks.

(via Buzzfeed)