Buzzfeed’s Listiclock Accidentally A Source Of Existential Angst

Buzzfeed is killing it: they hit over 85 million visitors in August, which is “three-times growth in one year and eight-times growth in two years,” according to PandoDaily. They’re in the business of profiting off our attention and they’re very good at it. Now clock mode, accessible at the top of the front page, is set to kill more than mere records.

The Listiclock counts up towards the end times while poignantly pointing out the pointlessness of it all. There’s a chance that the people at Buzzfeed possess a level of self-awareness around the role of the list within our culture, and so this whole thing is a grand exercise exposing and dismantling that very relationship…or it’s just another means of ironically dehumanizing the people who see it by playing to their curiosity while reducing them to mere ‘eyes’ and compelling their attention in a way that allows Buzzfeed to monetize said traffic. Still, very hypnotizing. And I know I shouldn’t click, that it’s not only irresponsible but downright dangerous to feed this machine, but it’s so deliciously absurd.

(via Metafilter)