Adorably Precocious Apple Fan Turns Down Free Sony Xperia Z on Jimmy Kimmel

Arden Hayes, 5-year-old geography whiz, just gained a bunch of supporters in the Apple fanboys of the world when he turned down a free Sony Xperia Z tablet Jimmy Kimmel tried to give him because he’s getting an iPad soon anyway.

“Well yeah … you could just give it away, because I’m going … we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas,” he told Kimmel after being offered the Xperia.


You can watch the whole amusing exchange in the video above. The snub happens near the end, but the whole segment is worth watching if you have the time, just to see Hayes’ amazing talent at identifying countries and their capital cities. (Warning: Watching this incredible kid might make you feel really embarrassed about your life decisions.)

(EDIT: Please let us know if the video above disappears. While you can find a video of the segment on Jimmy Kimmel’s official YouTube channel, it’s missing the gift exchange portion, and videos that include it are disappearing all over the place. Some have suggested that Sony’s trying to scrub it from the Interweb. Who knows.)

(via Business Insider)