7 Smartphone Accessories That’ll Help You Live Your Spy Fantasies

When you were a kid, did you ever wish you could be a crime fighter or a superspy? With these sneaky cellphone accessories and add-ons, you can. Or at least, you can pretend to be.

Of course, all these items can be used for far more nefarious purposes than simply living out your childhood dream of being a James Bond-esque superspy, so you’ve got to promise us you’ll only use them for good. We’ve also suggested some uses for each, both for your career as a superspy and in your boring, everyday life.

Call recorder

Spy-Emporium_phone-call-recorder_FullyC_001This baby will record both sides of a phone conversation so you can play it back later. Now all you’ve got to do is make some phone calls interesting enough to be worth recording.

Potentially legitimate use: Recording yourself singing happy birthday to your aging father who lives across the country so you can cherish that special moment forever.

Superspy use: Recording a phone call in which the bad guy blackmails you while also conveniently audibly stating their full name during the call.

(via Spy Emporium)

Smartphone spy lens

Trendhunter_smartphone-spy-lens_FullyC_001This spy lens uses magnets to attach to your iPhone and lets you easily take photos around corners, from behind barriers, and of things in front of you while your phone appears to be pointed at the ground.

Potentially legitimate use: Taking a picture of something small that’s sitting on the ground without having to lay down to get a good shot.

Superspy use: Taking a sneaky shot of the bad guy handing dirty money to another bad guy in exchange for illegal goods and/or services.

(via Trendhunter)

Phone data recovery stick

Cheaters-Spy-Shop_iphone-recovery-stick_FullyC_003These USB sticks, available for both iPhone and Android, can pull data off a phone – even data that’s been deleted. Just plug it into a computer, plug the phone into that same computer, and go.

Potentially legitimate use: Restoring your very important and sentimentally valuable text messages you accidentally deleted from your phone.

Superspy use: Steal the bad guy’s phone, get the dirt on him, then return the phone back to where you got it and no one will be the wiser.

(via Cheaters Spy Shop)

Cell phone voice changer

Cheaters-Spy-Shop_cell-phone-voice-changer_FullyC_002Use this voice changer when you need to pretend you sound different than you actually do. It’s got four different voice change options – sadly, none of which is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Potentially legitimate use: Calling your best friend to ask her whether her refrigerator is running.

Superspy use: Calling the bad guy to ask him to meet you under the bridge to make the hand-off, calling the police to report suspicious activity under the bridge. Mad spy skills, yo.

(via Cheaters Spy Shop)

Hidden camera cell phone

Cheaters-Spy-Shop_hidden-camera-cell-phone_FullyC_004Okay, so this isn’t technically a cell phone accessory, but whatever. It counts. The makers of this discreet device claim it can record up to 2.5 hours of HD video and that it “won’t look out of place at all on your person or on a table.” I’m not sure whether I agree that a phone that looks straight out of the ‘90s won’t attract any suspicion, but you be the judge.

Potentially legitimate use: This thing looks like it would make a pretty solid paperweight. Perhaps you could use it to teach your children what technology was like back in your day.

Superspy use: Convincing people you’re technologically illiterate so they won’t suspect you when the time comes to bring the hammer down on the bad guy’s secret illegal operation.

(via Cheaters Spy Shop)

iPhone dock hidden camera

Cheaters-Spy-Shop_iphone-dock-secret-camera_FullyC_001In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, most of this spy stuff can be described with the sentence, “It looks like a [BLANK], but really it’s a camera!”

This iPhone dock hidden camera setup is no different.

Potentially legitimate use: Recording the goings-on inside your house so if someone ever breaks in, you’ll have video evidence of their misdeeds.

Superspy use: Recording the dramatic confrontation between you and the bad guy in which he admits his all of his crimes in a detailed and audible fashion. You’ve got evidence, baby!

(via Cheaters Spy Shop)

Smartphone directed video spy car

Hammacher-Schlemmer_smartphone-spy-car_FullyC_001It may look like a simple RC car, but it’s actually a smartphone-controlled video recorder that streams the video it takes from its front-facing camera right to your Android or iOS phone. It’s even got night vision. Nobody suspects the remote-controlled car!

Potentially legitimate use: Spying on your young child while he tells his friend what he wants for his birthday so you can buy it for him and be Spy Dad of the Year.

Superspy use: Spyin’ on dudes. Obviously.

(via Hammacher Schlemmer)