52 GoPro Cameras Plus Several Energetic Dogs Equals One Fantastic Video

Do you want to see a video of several dogs frolicking in bullet time-esque slow motion, filmed using 52 GoPros and set to a jaunty, upbeat soundtrack? Of course you do. And you should, because this video is, admittedly, pretty fantastic.

Unfortunately, like every cool thing on the Internet, it was made by a company that wants to sell you something (amusingly, it’s a manual tongue scraper for the dental hygiene-conscious dog), but that’s not the point!

The point is, watch this joy-inducing video of dogs having fun in bullet time. (No actual bullets were involved in the making of this heartwarming video.)

Then, if you’re a camera geek, watch the making-of video so you can learn how to make your very own GoPro Matrix-style rig. You can afford to buy 52 GoPros, right?

Then, when you’re all done that, buy your dog a tasty, lickable tongue scraper for his stanky breath, because viral marketing. DO IT NOW.

(via Gizmodo)