4 More Tools Every Home Chef Should Have

Recently, we outlined four underappreciated kitchen tools everyone who cooks at home should have on hand. While a decent set of sharp knives, a cheese grater with multiple shredding options, a whisk, and more than one cookie sheet are a great start, you’re not going to get by with those four tools alone. Here are four more cooking tools you should make sure you have:

A thin spatula

Not all spatulas are created equal. While a thick, hefty spatula might work well for flipping chicken that’s baking in the oven or keeping things moving in a stir fry, a super thin plastic spatula is almost essential for delicate jobs like folding omelettes. Definitely a good tool to have.

A deep soup ladle

You might think you can get by with a regular pasta spoon, but there will come a day when you decide to whip up some homemade soup, only to find yourself struggling to get it out of the pot and into the bowls without spilling hot broth everywhere. A deep soup ladle is essential, and it can do double duty as a regular stirring spoon if need be.

A kitchen thermometer

If the only meat you ever make comes out of a box with cooking instructions printed on the side, you might go years without ever finding yourself in need of a kitchen thermometer. That’s why it’s so important to have one on hand whether you use it frequently or not: because someday, probably when you’re cooking a delicious Christmas dinner for your entire extended family, you’ll discover you have no way of knowing whether the whole roast turkey is properly cooked or not, and you’ll never live it down.

A plastic cutting board

If you’re doing any serious cooking, you absolutely cannot get by with just a wooden cutting board. A big, wooden cutting board might be perfect for chopping vegetables, but in order to follow food safety guidelines, you need a plastic cutting board for cutting meat. Meat juices can absorb into wood and be difficult or impossible to remove, so a plastic cutting board that’s easy to properly clean is a must.