3D Scanner Shows Incredible Cross Sections of Luxury Items

Beneath the slick, aesthetically pleasing exterior of your favorite gadgets lurks an expanse of electronic guts most of us have the luxury of never having to contemplate. That’s a shame, though – as it turns out, the insides of these objects are often more interesting than the outsides.

The artists and scientists that make up the collective LuxInside want to bring the complex beauty found inside “luxury objects” to the surface. Using a 3D scanner, they’ve explored the innards of a Dyson vacuum, a Leica M8 digital camera, a Les Paul and other high-end products to see what – if anything – sets them apart from the crowd.

If you can read French, or at least recognize a PayPal button, you can buy prints of LuxInside’s amazing photos on its website.








(via Wired)