3 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Vehicle

One of the most effective ways to reduce your environmental impact is to cut back on your usage of fossil fuels — the biggest guzzler of which is, of course, your car. Obviously, it’s easier said than done.

Hybrid vehicles, which have become increasingly popular in the last decade or so, are touted as a greener alternative to your average fuel-sucking car. While some of their power comes from fossil fuels, the rest comes from electricity.

Below, you’ll find a few reasons why you should consider buying a hybrid. In a companion article, we’ll explore several reasons a hybrid might not be right for you. Here we go!

You’ll spend less on gas

Hybrids are generally more fuel efficient than your average vehicle. That’s especially true if a lot of your driving is done in the city rather than on the highway, because the city’s frequent stops help charge the battery in hybrids that feature regenerative braking. With fuel prices steadily rising, who wouldn’t want to avoid dumping as much money into their car?

There’s a variety of financial incentives

Beyond saving money at the pump, there are several other money-related reasons to consider a hybrid. First of all, many states offer tax breaks and financial incentives to ditch your gas guzzler for a greener alternative. Look into your state’s programs and you might find you can get a substantial return on your purchase of a hybrid.

Secondly, you might be able to get a discount on your car insurance. Travelers, Farmers, and Geico are all known for offering discounts as high as 10 percent to eco-conscious drivers.

They’re better for the environment

In the end, that’s the real reason you’re considering a hybrid, right? If you’re unable to totally trade in the car life for walking and public transportation, buying a hybrid can at least offer a more eco-friendly option (with improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions) than a regular vehicle. Of course, even the greenest vehicle is no substitute for carpooling, walking, and taking public transportation whenever possible!