3 Douchy Quotes From an Interview About That $500,000 Custom Leica


Hey, remember that super special edition Leica rangefinder that’s predicted to fetch $500,000 in a (RED) charity auction? It was pretty alright, wasn’t it? I mean, I don’t know much about design, but it was very… silver. And shiny. Those are good things, right?

The camera’s nice and all, and it’s wonderful that it’ll be able to raise so much money for charity. Jony Ive and Marc Newsom are undoubtedly incredibly talented designers.

But there’s also something to be said for not being a conceited wiener. (As an artist or creative type, this is best achieved by never publicly talking about oneself. The moment you reference “the craft,” it’s all downhill.) Unfortunately, Ive and Newsom haven’t gotten the memo that says that just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to toot your own horn violently and in full view of the public.

Here are a few douchy gems from an interview the two gave Vanity Fair about the process of creating the pricy custom Leica:

“I found it a very odd and unusual thing to put this amount of love and energy into one thing, where you are only going to make one. But isn’t it beautiful?”


“All of us in this room see the same things, the same objects, but Marc and I see what’s behind them.”

You mean like this?


“You discover that very few people have the level of perfection we do. It is actually very sick. It is neurotic.”


(via the Verge)