13 Embarrassing Job Titles That Won’t Exist in 10 Years

Everybody. You do not need a job title that is anything more descriptive than it needs to be. It does not need to be personalized. It does not need to be flashy or trendy or cute. A fancy job title will not make your boring job seem more satisfying or charm any customers into thinking you’re better than you really are. They’re all resume liabilities, every single one of them, and in five years not only will you be embarrassed at having it on there but you will have no idea what to change it to and it will be as a curse upon your career and family.

So, if you possess any of the following job titles, or yours is in any way similar to these, please immediately use all the white out as well as format everything you own and, if you’re lucky, you may be able to escape your awful decisions.

1. Marketing Ninja

marketing ninja

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2. Brand Warrior

brand warrior


3. New Media Guru

new media guru


4. Digital Overlord

digital overlord


5. Mobile Sensei

mobile sensei

6. Chief Thinker

chief thinker

7. Digital Dynamo

digital dynamo

8. Social Media Maverick

social media maverick

9. Retail Jedi

retail jedi

10. Marketing Rockstar

marketing rockstar

11. Happiness Advocate

happiness advocate

12. Head Cheese

head cheese

13. Corporate Magician

corporate magician

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