10 Dumb Life Hacks That Won’t Make Your Life Any Easier

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Would you rather eat Doritos in darkness or be hungry by a fire? Everybody knows the answer to this question is the former.

In a fast-paced world where everyone wants things as cheaply and simply as possible, so-called life hacks abound. Some are genuinely useful tips for repurposing household objects to simplify and save money, while others are … well, these.

Presumably you’re planning on wearing this hoodie like a normal hoodie again at some point – in which case, enjoy picking bits of popcorn out of your hair forever.


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Who needs a universal remote?


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This is not a life hack. This is a fan made of glued-together CDs.


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In what world is a used soda cup a “designer” anything?


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So, squatting counts as a life hack now?


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Keep your beverage safe while driving by sticking it in a shoe that’s liable to tip over if you make a sharp turn!


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Yeah, but then you’ve wasted wine twice.


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Or, instead, you could just buy some of those stick-on grippy shoe thingies and save yourself the embarrassment of being the girl with a potato in her purse.


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Now this is a life hack I can support!


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